All portraits are created using professional watercolour on a high quality acid free watercolour paper.

Currently I offer 2 sizes: 

A4  (29.7 cm x 21cm)       £40       Graphite pencil sketch (not coloured) OR pen and ink  

A4  (29.7cm x 21cm)        £80       Watercolour -Suitable for 1 portrait only -head/shoulders

A3  ( 42cm x 29.7cm)       £ 1 50      Watercolour -Suitable for 1 portrait - head/shoulders/body

                                                            Suitable for 2 portraits - heads/shoulders only 

                                                            Extra animal on A3 - £50 extra.

Please note that portrait sizes include a mount of about 2cm width so final portraits are slightly less than A4 or A3. this allows the painting to be framed easily into an A4 or A3 frame. I include a grey coloured mount but not a frame.

I can discuss larger sizes if you would like more than a 2 pet portrait or perhaps a larger portrait of just 1 pet - please email me for information on the Contact page.

Requesting and payment for a commission:

  • Contact me - I will need to know 1) the size of portrait wanted  2) number of pets  3) date you will need the portrait by (especially important if the portrait is a gift.  4) Your address.
  • I will reply to let you know the date I can complete by.
  • Please send clear photos (see below) of the pet/s to be painted via my email address:

  • I will get back to you to discuss the portrait and the photo/s to be used for reference. I will also give you the details so a bank transfer can be made - 50% deposit.
  • Please then confirm that you want to go ahead with the portrait by paying the deposit. Once this has been paid I will confirm that I will be starting the portrait - I will update you on progress.
  • I will inform you when the portrait is ready to be sent to you - after full payment it will be sent.

             NB: Refunds will only be given if I am unable to complete the portrait within the given time.


  • Take the photograph in natural light

  • Make sure your pet is in focus and fills the frame. 

  • Please send the highest resolution -the biggest file- you have.

  • Please send more than one image - this will enable me to get a better idea of the characteristics of your pet.

Please contact me here for a commission request or for any other information: